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  • Jean Françaix

    CD 1 :



    String Quartet(1937) – “Sonatine” for violin tand piano (1934) – Thème and Variations for clarinet and piano (1974) -” Divertissement”  for piano and String Trio(1933)

    CD 2 :

    Dixtuor for String Quintet and Woodwind Quintet (1987) – Eight  bagatelles for piano and String Quartet(1932) – Nonetto after Mozart for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and String Quintet (1995)

    CD 3 :

    Octet for Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and String Quintet (1972) – “Divertissement” for Bassoon and String Quintet  (1942) – Quintet for clarinet and String Quartet (1977) – “L’heure du berger” for piano and String Quintet (1947)

    with Jean Françaix, piano and conductor


    … Today, as in 1996, the musicians of the Octet France are their business. It is the same for them Françaix concocted in 1995 from his Nonetto Quintet K. 452 by Mozart, it transposed the piano part for string quintet. delicious! ”

    François Laurent, Diapason

    “… For over thirty years, the Octet France raised high the reputation of the French chamber music. This kit can be listened to as a manisfeste.”

    Jacques Bonnaure, Classica


  • Poil de Carotte
    Poil de Carotte

    A silent movie by Julien Duvivier (1925) taken from a novel by Jules Renard
    France – B & W Tinted – 1h48 – Stereo
    Arte Video
    Music : Gabriel Thibaudeau interpreted by the Octuor de France.

    Young “Carrot-Top”, given this nickname by a mother who detests him, does not suffer every indignity without rebelling. To him, a family is just a bunch of people who can’t stand each other. Why should he care if his big brother, Felix, is stealing money from their parents to keep a honkey-tonk singer ? The tenderness he receives from little Mathilde and the affection of the maid, Annette, can never make up for his mother’s loathing and his father’s indifference. Nevertheless, when his father learns that Carrot-Top is contemplating suicide, he intervenes. Finally taking his son by the hand, he forges a bond which reassures and consoles a boy who thought he was the shame of the family.

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