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    Third film, after Gribiche and Carmen, and last collaboration with Jacques Feyder Studio Films Albatros, The New Gentlemen was released in theaters in 1929.

    Pulled a piece of street theater by Robert de Flers and Francis Croisset, the script was adapted for the screen by Jacques Feyder and Charles Spaak.

    Treaty on the mode of comedy, the film is a critical and satirical political mores of the time. But some scenes, including a fight in the National Assembly and a dream filled with nymphs dancing in the aisles made by a member sitting dormant, were then judged as too irreverent and led to the censorship of the film for “undermining the dignity of Parliamentarians. ”

    The broadcast on Arte presents the final version of the film, which was scanned from new preservation elements from the original nitrate negative, made in 2011. These elements retain cartons French developed in 1990 by the former head of collections films of the French Cinematheque, Renée Lichtig, who had made a new duplicate from a backup dating from 1961, itself derived from original negative acquired 1948 Henri Langlois. This 2011 version that will be shown for the first time on Arte, contains a fine calibration work and a significant reduction in physical alterations due to printing process by immersion process that did not exist in 1961 when the first backup performed by Henri Langlois.
    Musical accompaniment

    The released version is presented with musical accompaniment composed and directed by Antonio Coppola. The score was created and performed for the first time by the Octet France during the XXVII edition of the festival Giornate del Cinema Muto in Pordenone October 2008. This is the third collaboration of Antonio Coppola Octet and France for a film of Jacques Feyder, they have accompanied Crainquebille (1922) and Faces of Children (1925).

    (The French film) ..

    Published 29/06/2012
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Articles pour June, 2012

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