Les Amis de l’Octuor de France

Created as a not-for-profit Association in December 1994, the « Amis de l’Octuor de France » brings chamber music lovers into contact with the « Octuor de France ».

The aim of the Association is to promote musical development particulary by the organising of concerts, musical events and lectures.

Being a member of the « Amis de l’Octuor de France » (the Friends of the Octuor de France) gives you the possiblity of attending excellent concerts, of participating in the activities of this group of musicians and of helping the ensemble financially. Members receive regular newsletters about the activities of the Octuor de France.

The physical, moral and financial support given by the members of the Association, enable the musicians to invest in projects designed to further the progress of the Octuor de France.

You will receive a tax receipt for your membership fee and for any donation you might wish to make to the Association. This enables those who pay French income tax to receive a tax reduction of 66 % of the amount given, provided that your annual charitable giving does not exceed 20 % of your taxable income.

Jean-Louis Hutin
Jean-Etienne Thyss
Joël Corboliou
Alain Grob

To contact the Friends of the Octuor de France :
Email : amis.octuor@numericable.fr
Téléphone : +33 (0) 1 79 46 47 64

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  • L’Octuor de France fera son concert annuel pour les Amis de l’Octuor de France le Dimanche 18 décembre à 16.30 heures dans la salle du conseil de la Mairie du 9ème arrondissement à Paris. Participation sur inscription seulement sur : amis.octuor@orange.fr                            Informations […]

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