Visages d’Enfants

Visages d'Enfants Affiche
Jacques Feyder
Original score for « L'Octuor de France » written by Antonio Coppola
  • Production : Dimitri de Zoubaloff - François Porchet - Les Grands Films Indépendants - France, 1925
  • Length : 1h49min at 18 frames/second
  • Orchestration : 1st violin, 2nd violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Piano

Scenario :

The village of Saint-Luc is the highest village in Europe. It’s there, in the Swiss region of Valais, that Pierre Amsler lives with his family. Young Madame Amsler’s death sorely marks her eldest son, Jean, a hypersensitive child, who is unable to accept the death of the mother he loved.

One year later, Pierre Amsler thinks about remarrying. The housework isn’t done and the children are left to themselves. He would like to marry Jeanne Dutoit, herself a widow and with a young daughter, Arlette. And so Amsler decides to send Jean away for some time. He sends him to his godparent with a view to preparing the child to face the fait accompli on his return.

The Director :

Jacques Feyder

A French film-maker of Belgian origins, born under the name of Jacques Frédérix in 1885. His family intended him to follow a military career, but he changed his name and chose first, the theater, and then the cinema in 1912. He debuted as a director with Gaumont in 1915. L’Atlantide brought him international fame in 1921. Thus started a cosmopolitan career with many ups and downs and films made in the studios of Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Los Angeles and London.

Returning to Paris from a disappointing stay in Hollywood, he found new inspiration with a series of films starring his talented wife, Françoise Rosay : Le Grand jeu (1934), Pension Mimosas and the famous Carnival in Flanders (1935). He died in Switzerland in 1948.

The Composer :

Antonio Coppola

During the last 25 years, Antonio Coppola has written numerous scores for silent movies. Today, he is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced musicians in this very specialised field.

Born in Rome in 1956, he studied piano, composition and conducting at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory. In 1973, he started work as a pianist for theatrical productions and contemporary dance. When in 1975 he accompanied a silent movie on the piano for the first time, he immediately decided to cease his other musical activities and devote himself to this. Since 1975, he has been invited to play at hundreds of silent movie projections in cinemas throughout Italy, France, Germany, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Greece and England. .

He has given courses on the musical accompaniment of silent movies in numerous universities in Europe and throughout the world.

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